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vehicle tracker Position on demand:
Jeva Private Limited reveals latest satellite street level map, on your once call we can provide the accurate location of your vehicle.
cat tracker Parking Security:
Customer can enable the security on vehicle while it is parked through his registered cell no. an auto generated message is sent to customer during security activation.
fleet management SOS Panic Button:
A panic button is installed in vehicle, in case of any danger and emergency this button can be used. An immediate response is provided to customer as per situation.
mobile tracking Mobile Tracking:
Jeva Private Limited enables its customer to inquire the current location of vehicle from his registered cell no.
over speed alert Over Speed Alert:
On customer requirement a limit of over speed is set as device reaches to the provided limit it generates message and informs customer.
g track car tracker Self Tracking:
Self tracking is an extraordinary feature for our valued clients. It enables our corporate customers to track down its fleet in real-time.
g track vehicle tracker Voice Conversation:
By using this feature you can communicate with your family member or driver via phone using hands free installed in vehicle. (feature available on request)
vehicle tracking Interval:
An interval of the auto response is set on the device, vehicle keeps you update with its status through message.
car tracking Mileage Report:
Customer can get the daily/monthly mileage report to monitor the consumption of the fuel. (Available of request)
fleet management Distance Based Tracking:
A distance can be set in vehicle. As vehicle covers the particular distance it informs customer via text message with its status. (Available on request)
g track vehicle tracking ACC ON Report:
On customer's demand vehicle can inform customer via text message each time its ignition is turned on.
g track vehicle tracking Monthly Report:
On customer demand catered reports can be provided to the customer to meet his needs.
g track vehicle tracking Geo-fence:
A virtual fence is created on customer request. As vehicles leaves that area it informs the customer via text message with its status and location.
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