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Product of Jeva Private Limited, G Track vehicle tracking pakistan:

The vehicle tracking device offered by Jeva Private Limited (G Track Vehicle Tracking Pakistan) is the total security protection and fleet management solution. By using the latest GPS and GSM technology to protect and monitor your car, truck, bike, boat (or moveable asset) virtually anywhere and then locate it to within a few meters. The vehicle tracking device incorporates a covertly installed module (which works and communicates independently) but has the ability to run in conjunction with your local GSM network (SMS, TCP). The vehicle tracking centre operator monitors vehicle 24 hours a day for unauthorized intrusion, theft, accident, breakdown, panic/assistance, vehicle movement or breach of a predefined "Geo -fence" boundary. The operator can then perform numerous tasks including; engine immobilization, advice the police. It is an economical vehicle tracking product designed for easy and reliable installation in automobiles. This unit is an ideal solution for automotive insurance, vehicle finance, auto rental and other automotive tracking applications.

Competitive Price and Technology:

Our high-value tracking unit features:
  • Small size
  • Superior GPS performance
  • An internal 700 mAh backup battery and Inputs/Outputs (I/O).
  • Our device is a complete vehicle tracking and communications device incorporating next-generation
  • Super-sensitive GPS on GSM/GPRS cellular networks for installation in any 12 or 24 volt mobile vehicles.
  • Superior external antennas for both cellular and GPS make the it more reliable with enhanced signal Quality.
Messages are transported across the GSM/GPRS network using enhanced SMS or TCP messaging providing a reliable communications link between the device and your application servers. It is designed to dramatically reduce cost, power and size while significantly improving field reliability.

Flexibility of vehicle tracking device:

It employs an industry leading on-board alert engine. This advanced application monitors vehicle conditions and supports hundreds of customized exception-based rules to help meet customers' dynamic requirements. Customers can modify the behavior of the device to meet several applications before installation or in the field. Combining affordability and device intelligence with your unique application provides the most flexible tracking device in its class.

Competitive Advantage of Vehicle Tracking Device:

This vehicle tracking device can detect and optionally report the presence of localized active jamming of the GSM/GPRS/PCS mobile communications networks On detecting jamming device, It will Cut OFF fuel line and will give Pulse Alarm on External Alarm. On Deactivation of Jammer Device is Send Jammer Detection Report on Base Station. (Note: This Feature is Optional and offered on Customer's request)

GSM Module Used in Vehicle Tracking Device:

  • Dual-Band GSM/GPRS Module
  • Dual-Band 900/1800MHz
  • GPRS Multi-slot Class 12/10/8
  • GPRS Mobile Station class B
  • Compliant to GSM Phase 2/2+ Class 4 (2W @ 900 MHz)
  • Class 1 (1W @1800MHz)
  • SIM Application Toolkit
  • Speech Codec Modes
  • Half rate (HR)
  • Full rate (FR)
  • Enhanced Full rate (EFR)
  • AMR half rate
  • AMR full rate
  • Echo Arithmetic
  • Echo cancellation
  • Echo suppression
  • Noise Reduction
  • Hands-free Operation Protocols PPP,TCP/IP
  • External SIM 3V/ 1.8V
  • Analog Audio Interfaces Two channels
  • RTC Backup
  • Serial Port and Debug Port
  • Antenna Pad
  • GPIO
  • Specifications for Voice

General Features:

  • Drivers
  • MUX Driver


  • AT Cellular Command Interface

GPS Module:

  • RoHS/WEEE compliant
  • High sensitivity -159dBm
  • Searching up to 32 Channel of satellites
  • Fast Position Fix
  • Low power consumption
  • RTCM- in ready.
  • Built-in WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS Demodulator.
  • Support NMEA0183 V 3.01 data protocol.

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